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December 24, 2023 1 min read

Today we're going to compare Warrior pre workout by Premium Supps with one of Australia's best selling pre workouts, Total war by Redcon1.

Both products are considered high stimulant and high pump with a large amount of active ingredients, however when we compare the pair we can see which one is the clear winner.

Warrior pre workout differentiates on clear points- it has about 50% more active ingredients than Total war at under HALF the cost.

Warrior pre workout is manufactured and sold direct from the manufacturer to customers within Australia, whilst total war is purchased from a USA manufacturer and passes through many hands before it gets to you here, each step of the way adds significant cost to the final product.

Here's a simple flowchart to show how each company gets it to you!

It's clear to see why many individuals have been avoiding the brand tax and choosing to buy BETTER, CHEAPER, LOCAL products from www.premiumsupps.net

Don't pay an inflated price for second best.

Buy Warrior preworkout in 4 delicious flavours below

1. Bubblegum Grape
2. Mango
3. Green Apple
4. Tropical


TOTAL WAR Warning!
Redcon for years has claimed that they have "6g of Citrulline malate" in their product, however when we look at the new labels after what was likely a tap on the shoulder by regulators we see the following!

A 2:1 ratio of L Citrulline to Malic acid?

Long story short, this only contains 4g of L-citrulline.

You can read more about how this is deceptive conduct in our larger explanation here on our blog.